Happy New Year

Another year of COVID 19 has come and gone. Hopefully life will resume some normalcy this year. In November I too was diagnosed with COVID 19, however I was fortunate not to experience any lasting effects. For that matter I didn’t even have a cough!

I have kept busy custom baking, making bread for others as well as myself. I currently offer Rye bread, Sour Dough Bread, White bread, and Whole Wheat bread! Of course Kaiser buns, Dinner buns and Cinnamon Buns are also popular!

Hungarian Torte were very popular again this year, as a matter of fact I have a couple more to make! Assorted baking trays are always popular as well.

I am looking forward to a busy summer and fall season with weddings, anniversaries, and reunions.

Take care and be safe!

COVID and Catering

Well the past 22 months have been very challenging for anyone who caters. With all the restrictions and closures it have been near impossible to make a living. I have had to take a full-time position to meet financial demands. I am sure many others, like myself, found the Government funding did not apply and we were left holding the proverbial bag. I continue to do custom baking, bread baking every two weeks and look forward to the Christmas season. Fingers crossed we will be able to have gatherings again!

Web Page Disaster

Gee has anyone ever said creating a web page was easy? Well I finally sought help, then the internet was down….grrr. I think I finally have a fully functioning web site! I have been busy baking last few days and working on an adorable quilt for my soon to arrive granddaughter! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I thought making Red Velvet Oreo cookies was a must….they are delicious I might add! I also made classic Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies for grandsons as they LOVE cookies!!

Back to quilting for a bit as I want to finish before Friday so I can deliver it in person! Maybe go to the Scotties Tournament of Hearts too! I love watching curling 🙂

Life as a Caterer

After I completed Professional Cooking course, I worked at the Esterhazy Motor Hotel where I fell in love with banquet style food service. I love the hustle and bustle of this type of food service. It requires careful planning, organization, and imagination. Granted if I just wanted the ‘rush’ from cooking, any given Sunday at the ‘Motor’ would suffice 🙂 Oh those were the days!! As life took its many directions, I always knew I would return to my love of cooking. I have decorated cakes for many years, and made several of my relatives Wedding Cakes. I attended my first Cooking Competition while in cooking school, where I entered the ‘Gateaux’ classification. This is just a fancy name for cake, anyway, to my surprise and my instructors surprise I won a SILVER medal for the wedding cake I submitted! Since then I have been too ‘afraid’ to enter again as I do not like to lose…just ask my family!

Well it has taken me almost 12 years to ‘bite the bullet’ and start catering. For many years I have tossed around the idea of catering as I LOVE cooking for others. My late mother was very influential in my learning to cook. She worked at several restaurants in Esterhazy while growing up. At home she always went above and beyond for family gatherings and Christmas dinners. Something I did not appreciate when I was young. My mom was also influential in my learning Cake Decorating. She had an affinity for this and a natural talent. I spent hours watching her cook and decorate cakes.

I hope to use this blog to provide you with recipies, instruction and some humor! if you have any suggestions, drop me a message!! I want to thank my right hand man, Tyler, for all he does to support me and help make my dream a reality!

Have an awesome day!!